Kathy Jacobs Design and Marketing

How It Works

Once you have contacted me or submitted an online form to get an estimate, I will set up a time with you to have a free one-on-one consultation to determine your project needs, goals, concerns, and to allow me to get a better understanding of your business or organization.

Website Projects

For web projects, we will go through a lengthy questionnaire including questions about your business and its products, the style and type of website you are looking for, who your target audience is, what you want the website to do, how you will measure the success of your website, and more specific questions that help me get an idea of your website goals and needs. I will also ask you to provide 4 sample websites that you like the style of so I can get an idea of what style appeals to you and why. You might also want to provide a listing of 3-5 competitor websites, so that I can learn more about your business. You will also need to provide an outline of your desired content/navigation, in order to get an accurate estimate for your web project.

If you have an existing website, we will go through some of the same questions, but I will focus more on what you do and don't like about your current website and what changes/additions you would like to make. We will also discuss the long and short term goals for your new design.

When providing an estimate, I break down the costs into specific website components including design, marketing online, marketing offline, and on-page search engine optimization. This allows you to see the value of each component and, if necessary, can allow you to pick and choose which components to implement.

Design Projects

For design projects, you and I will discuss your project's goals, needs, target audience, style, and more in detail . If you have other printed materials for your business or organization, I will ask you to send me some samples so I can see the style and content of each piece as well as get a feel for your brand. Within four days of our initial conversation, I will prepare a detailed cost estimate that includes all of the components that you are interested in. If you would like, I can work with a printer to manage the printing of your project.

Marketing Projects

If you would like a marketing review or a marketing plan, there is a lot that I need to know about your business. In our initial conversation, we will discuss your current marketing practices and success rates, what your goals are, who your target audience is, what your marketing budget is, what you are interested in pursuing, and how you will measure the success of your marketing. There are many options for marketing out there, but you need to know which ones will work for your business or organization. We will brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another, eventually coming up with an annual plan or a specific marketing piece for your project, business, or organization. Marketing reviews and plans are set costs, based on the services you select. See the prices page for a range of prices for this service.


After the initial one-on-one consultation and I have provided you with a cost estimate, we will sign a contract and begin the work. The contract covers specific stipulations such as a kill fee, turnaround times, which rights you have purchased, the number of reviews/changes allowed, and the scope of work.

Finishing the Project

Once the project is completed, we will have a final consultation to discuss any project maintenance needs or set up a time for a training. I will send you a finished copy of the files for your project so you have them for future use (depending on the rights purchased).

Making Your Project Run Smoothly

When we begin a project, I will send you a client packet that provides some guidelines, tips, and helpful hints about how to make your project run smoothly. It covers getting an accurate estimate, preparing a website outline, turnaround times, proofs, signing off on projects, kill fee, response times, hours of operation, and how to prepare files to save you money.

Read some customer testimonials to get a feel for my work ethic and customer service.