Kathy Jacobs Design and Marketing

Design and Marketing Services

Not sure what you want?

Fill out my customer questionnaire and let's talk. We'll go through a series of questions that will help us determine what products and services can work for you. Read What do you need? for more about websites or marketing materials to learn more about marketing options.

Marketing your business, event, or organization and making that sale or getting a new member is easier than ever. Using the Internet or traditional print products can help get the word out.

This is just a brief outline of some of the services I can provide. If you have specific needs that aren't addressed here, I will be happy to discuss a project with you. My goal is to help you make more money, gather more leads, or grow your organization.

  • Website design and development
    • visual design
    • site and page development
    • domain name selection and purchase assistance
    • hosting services assistance
    • writing text for pages
    • information organization/navigation assistance
    • recommendations for online and offline marketing of your website

      Editing and Writing Services

      My business associate, Tom Knecht, can offer you technical writing or professional editing services to accompany any of the services listed on this page. Read more about his expertise on the About Me page.

    • on-page search engine optimization
    • content recommendations
  • Website reviews
    • web basics
    • usability
    • content
    • search engine optimization
    • marketing
    • overall site design
  • Print design
    • brochures
    • posters
    • displays
    • newsletters
    • letterhead and business cards
    • books
    • booklets
    • fliers
    • promotional materials
  • Marketing recommendations
    • marketing plan
    • target market
    • marketing review
    • branding
    • print and web options
    • tracking

Learn more about website design and development by reading my web resources reference page and what do you need? reference page.